White Candles with Plant Decor

Fragrance Description

A helpful description of each scent

Amber & Vanilla ~ An oriental spiced scent on a base of creamy vanilla

Eventus ~ Similar in fragrance to the high end aftershave. Bergamot with apples and blackcurrants on a woody base

Baby Powder ~ The classic scent of baby powder that everyone recognises and loves

Bakewell Tart ~ The delicious scent of vanilla, cherries and creamy almonds

Black Coconut ~ A rich coconut fragrance with hints of creamy almond and vanilla on a base of sandalwood and tonka

Caramel Coffee ~ A rich dark coffee fragrance swirled with lots of sweet caramel

Cashmere Vanilla & Salted Caramel ~ Warm Vanilla enriched with sweet salty buttery caramel on a rich and creamy base of vanilla, coconut and tonka bean

Cassis & Black Vanilla ~ Cassis, bergamot and mandarin with floral mid notes of neroli, jasmine and rose on a base of vanilla and patchouli

Cedarwood & Tonka Bean ~ A warming woody scent with top notes of bergamot and lemon, middle notes of cedarwood and patchouli on a creamy musky base with vanilla and tonka bean

Chocolate Truffle & Honey ~ Creamy chocolate with hints of almonds and golden honey

Cinnamon & Saffron ~ A spicy oriental fragrance with dried fruits, cinnamon, ginger alongside tobacco blossom. On a base of vanilla pod, nutmeg, tonka and musk

Clean Cotton ~ The scent of fresh, clean linen.  The ultimate fresh aroma

Cocoa & Log Fire ~ Rich chocolatey cocoa beans with sparkling ambers on a base of cedar

Coco Loco ~ The aroma of white rum blended with coconut, pineapple and vanilla pods

Egyptian Linen & Mimosa Blossom ~ A warm powdery floral fragrance with cardamom and violet. With mid notes of mimosa, rose, lily and iris on a base of musk, woods, tonka, amber and vanilla

Fairy Soft LaundrySimilar to the fabric conditioner.  Clean floral notes of white lily and neroli with hints of ozone and fresh pine needle on a background of sandal and iris.

Fandi - Fendi Type ~ Fresh and modern but also classic. Blends of citrus with soft woody tones and touches of basil, cardamom, red pepper and leather

Fiery Orange & Bergamot ~ Similar to the high end scent. Orange and tangerine with smoky wood and cloves

Floral Botanicals - Balenciaga Type ~ A designer fragrance, floral but dangerous!

Flower Explosion ~ Similar to the floral perfume. A sweet floral scent with top notes of orange, middle notes of jasmine, orange tree, orchid, freesia and rose on a woody base of patchouli

Freesias and Pears ~ Similar to the high end English scent. The scent of pear and quince with white freesias and climbing roses. On a base of rhubarb with warm patchouli, amber and white musk

French Pear & Soft Musk ~ Sweet French pears with brown sugar on a musky base

Joop ~ Similar to the classic aftershave.  A sensual masculine scent.

Le Man ~ Similar to the aftershave in the classic blue bottle.  Woody with spices on a base of musk, amber and tonka bean

Lime & Basil  ~ Similar to the famous high end scent. Top notes of lime, basil, mandarin and bergamot with aromatic white florals on a base of patchouli, orange and petitgrain

Lost Cherries ~ A beautiful scent similar to the famous Lost Cherry fragrance.  Cherry liquer and almond, sweet and fragrant sitting on a base of woody notes.  A deep and rich fragrance.

Madam Miss ~ Similar to the iconic French perfume. Orange, jasmine and rose with patchouli and vetiver

Mango Salsa & Apple Fizz ~ A refreshing bright and sunny scent with citrus fruit and apples with a sparkling fizz.  Mid notes of florals and musk on a base of amber and precious wood

Midnight ~ Cool, dark and masculine.  A musky, woody base comes together with tea tree, lavender, apple and ylang ylang to make a sexy summer night scent

Peony ~ Similar to the high end blush scent. Peonies in bloom with a hint of red apples. With jasmine, rose and gillyflower on a suede base

Pink Fairy Glitter ~ Sweet, powdery pink and sparkly! A fun, pretty fragrance with raspberries, pomegranate, jasmine and an added pinch of fairy glitter

Pomegranate ~ Similar to famous high end scent, with top notes of juicy pomegranates with a floral heart of spice and lily on a smoky wood base

Purple Fairy Dust ~ A delicious scent of purple sparkles with blackcurrants and peonies

Rose Prick ~ Similar to the designer perfume.  A trilogy of roses alive with szechuan pepper, turmeric and tonka bean.

Rosy Wonderland ~ Like the famous fabric softener designed by Mrs H. A fresh, clean and crisp scent with cotton blossoms, floral notes with a warming touch of musk

Seachelles  ~ Similar to the famous high end scent of the Indian Ocean island. The fragrance of summer on a beautiful beach. Fresh bergamot, orange and rich amber with warm notes of coconut, vanilla and almond

Spa Therapy ~ An ozonic floral scent with aloe, fresh lemon and cooling cucumber on top of beautiful lily and jasmine.  The essence of a spa day in a bottle

Spiced Apple & Cinnamon ~ The beautiful scent of apples with spicy cinnamon and cloves on a base of vanilla

Spring Awake ~ The clean scent of freshly washed laundry. Spring flowers with hints of patchouli and white cedar. 

Velvet Roses ~ In the style of the high end scent.  A rich scent with smoky oud wood and cloves sweetened with praline

Watermelon & Kiwi ~ A summer vibes fragrance. Sweet watermelon with pear, lime, kiwi and strawberries

White Musk & Moroccan Amber ~ Deep patchouli and warm amber with musk vanilla, sandalwood and ylang.

Wild Violet & Black Amber ~ Rich and oriental spices with bergamot on a heart of florals, violets and roses on a base of precious woods, amber, musk and vanilla and cinnamon